AUSMAT; Australian Medical Assistance Team; NCCTRC; National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre

Australian Medical Assistance Teams (AUSMAT) are multi-disciplinary health teams incorporating doctors, nurses, paramedics, logisticians and allied health staff including environmental health staff, radiographers and pharmacists.

They are designed to be self-sufficient, experienced teams that can rapidly respond to a disaster zone to provide lifesaving treatment to casualties, in support of the local health response.

AUSMATs can be deployed within state, nationally or internationally. This will be in conjunction with a large cache of medical and self-sufficiency equipment that is stored in the NT, and is pre-packed ready for multiple health disaster scenarios.

The NCCTRC works on a regular basis with government agencies, in particular, EMA-AGD, DFAT, AusAID and the Department of Health, as well as the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Training and equipment familiarisation for international response must be of the highest standard, which remains the focus of AUSMAT training at the NCCTRC.

If you are interested in registering with AUSMAT, please follow the link below.

When the time is closer for the training, application review panel is convened to assess the applications applied through the web portal.

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