exit day

Preparing for exit

Your Telehealth support will confirm exit arrangements with you a few days prior to the end of your quarantine period.

We will discuss exit arrangements with you a few days prior to the end of your quarantine period. Quarantine ends at 12:00 noon on your allocated departure day.
Requests for exemption to leave quarantine prior to 12:00 noon must be made in writing to hsqf.exemptions@ncctrc.com.au and should include a copy of a confirmed airline itinerary, including booking reference number and/or e-ticket receipt.
You will receive a certificate of completion via your nominated email address the morning of your departure. If you do not receive your certificate prior to 10:00am on your departure day, please get in contact with Telehealth or email hsqf.medical@nt.gov.au.

Departing before 12:00pm:
Be on veranda 30 minutes before bus departure time, with luggage. A member of the onsite team will come to each accommodation block and announce departure and provide directions to departure staging point.

Departing at 12:00pm:
30 minutes prior to bus departure time, residents can leave their room and proceed to the departure staging point (parking lot).
Onsite team do not visit each accommodation block but will be available to provide directions. This does not apply to residents in the isolation blocks.

Preparing for departure:

  • Residents must wear a mask at all times.
  • Residents should dispose of any leftover food.
  • Put all rubbish in the bin.
  • Put bed sheets in white bag provided and leave it on balcony outside.
  • Baby and children's items such as cots, high chairs, mattresses are to be placed in original boxes (if applicable) and left on balcony (against front door, out of the weather).
  • All the electronic devices (iPad's, medical devices, chargers) and thermometer will be collected the night before departure.
  • Residents are to take room keys with them to the departure staging point where they can be handed to the departure team.