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AUSMAT’s World Health Organization reverification: A success in global emergency medical team response
By Kath McDermott, Acting Director Disaster Preparedness and Response In the dynamic landscape of global...
Australian Council of Healthcare Standards re-accreditation: 2023 and beyond
By Kath McDermott, Acting Director Disaster Preparedness and Response A commitment to quality assessment and...
Republic of Indonesia Defence University (RIDU) Multi-Country Training Hub for Health Emergency Operational Readiness
Written by Abigail Trewin, Director Strategy, Reform and Transition In November 2022, a collaboration between...
AUSMAT spotlight: Jason Phieler, pioneering healthcare innovations in rural Victoria
Nestled on Victoria's scenic Great Ocean Road is the sleepy coastal town of Lorne which...
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Remote and rural trauma education across the Northern Territory
Written by Belinda Nolan, A/Trauma Program Manager Trauma management across the Northern Territory (NT) offers...
Fruitful learning – An innovative approach to obstetric training
AUSMAT members continually work on maintaining their readiness for any number of health emergencies. In...
Navigating critical care challenges: AUSMAT’s updated approach to blood transfusions
In a significant progression in emergency healthcare capabilities, AUSMAT has recently completed a comprehensive review...
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Transforming healthcare in the Pacific with the Pacific Community
Strengthening critical care capability and healthcare systems in the Pacific region is a key priority...
Rabies publicity posters – Royal Veterinary College
Rabies’ global impact and the fight for Zero by 2030
Written by Maya Cherian, Public Health Medical Officer Rabies publicity posters - Royal Veterinary College...
Delivering oxygen safely and swiftly: AUSMAT’s pioneering manifold system
Written by Terry Trewin AFSM, Senior Logistician AUSMAT Logistics/Engineering has achieved a remarkable milestone by...
Participants and Faculty from the AUSMAT Rehabilitation Team Member Course standing together and smiling for a team photograph
Rehabilitation ready: AUSMAT’s inaugural training course
Contributed by Erica Bleakley, Carla Yeung In a significant step towards international collaboration and disaster...
Pacific spotlight: Praneel Shankar – Making a difference in emergency care nursing
In the heart of Fiji's healthcare system, there is a passionate advocate for education and...

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