Delivering oxygen safely and swiftly: AUSMAT’s pioneering manifold system
Written by Terry Trewin AFSM, Senior Logistician AUSMAT Logistics/Engineering has achieved a remarkable milestone by...
Participants and Faculty from the AUSMAT Rehabilitation Team Member Course standing together and smiling for a team photograph
Rehabilitation ready: AUSMAT’s inaugural training course
Contributed by Erica Bleakley, Carla Yeung In a significant step towards international collaboration and disaster...
Pacific spotlight: Praneel Shankar – Making a difference in emergency care nursing
In the heart of Fiji's healthcare system, there is a passionate advocate for education and...
Healthcare professionals working collectively to provide care and treatment to a patient at the AUSMAT Surgical Team Member Course
AUSMAT: Enhancing surgical capabilities
In a bid to strengthen surgical capabilities and emergency medical response across the Asia-Pacific region,...
Empowering health emergency preparedness in Nauru
Contributed by Bethan Price The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre's (NCCTRC) Regional Engagement...
Red bag review: New AUSMATeers put the red bags to the test
The red bag has become synonymous with the AUSMAT brand. When an AUSMAT is requested...
TourdeTimor2016 450
Global recognition for strengthening rehabilitation in health systems
Contributed by Erica Bleakley, NCCTRC Allied Health & Rehabilitation Coordinator   The NCCTRC was excited...
Integration of Public Health into AUSMAT training
Written by Dr Maya Cherian, Public Health Medical Officer The National Critical Care and Trauma...
Michelle Brigham And Misha Richards Preparing Xray Machine For Screenings Juno Eadie
NCCTRC collaborate with SA Health to tackle Tuberculosis in the APY Lands
  NCCTRC recently supported SA Health (South Australia's state health department) with a mobile x-ray...
Spotlight on mental health and psychological support in AUSMAT framework
AUSMAT have responded to a host of health emergencies since 2010 and have supported clinical...
Strengthening Paediatric Injury Surveillance in the Northern Territory
Written by Clare Haynes, Paediatric Injury Surveillance Nurse As of 2023, the Royal Darwin Hospital...
Leigh In Action 3
Meet the new faces in public health at NCCTRC
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre...

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