Empowering health emergency preparedness in Nauru

24 Sep 2023

Contributed by Bethan Price, Pacific Critical Care Nurse Education Consultant

The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre's (NCCTRC) Regional Engagement Program (REP) recently collaborated with the Ministry of Health in Nauru to bolster their health emergency preparedness, response strategies, and overall capacity building. A cohort of 36 healthcare professionals and emergency service workers from both the Ministry of Health and the National Emergency Services participated in three intensive clinical skills and health emergency response courses over five days.

NCCTRC Educators Beth Price and Gavin O’Brien were joined by a team of experienced faculty members from diverse backgrounds, including Lois McCreddan, (Director Disaster, Emergency and Business Continuity Management for Gold Coast Health), Praneel Shankar (Emergency Department Nurse Unit Manager, Ba Hospital, Fiji) and Dr Posing Posanau (Emergency Physician, Port Moresby General Hospital, Papua New Guinea).

Together, they delivered the Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS), Hospital Major Incident Medical Management Support (HMIMMS), and Essentials of Critical Care (ECCC) courses.

These educational initiatives are part of the broader framework of the REP to enhance capabilities and strengthen health emergency responses across the region. Delivery of the courses are an integral part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) funded REP which provides valuable networking opportunities for Pacific colleagues. The training sessions focused on facilitating learning, encouraging collaboration, and fostering a deeper understanding of respective roles in major incidents and responding to health emergencies.


Beyond immediate training, the REP is committed to ongoing mentorship and support for clinicians, rehabilitation professionals, managers, and emergency responders across the Pacific and Timor-Leste. This approach seeks to build on the national health and emergency workforce's ability to respond efficiently to health emergencies. Not only do these initiatives strengthen networks and communities of practice, but they are also enriched by the participation of international faculty like Praneel and Dr Posanau, imparting invaluable expertise during the courses.

The NCCTRC extends its thanks to the people of Nauru for their active engagement and enthusiasm throughout the training. We look forward to working alongside Nauru and are excited about strengthening already established relationships and developing new ones in the pursuit of advancing emergency response capabilities and fostering a safer, healthier future.


Beth Price
NCCTRC Pacific Critical Care Nurse Education Consultant

Beth is an ICU nurse and educator with postgraduate qualifications in Critical Care and Health Professional Education.  She currently works as a Nurse Education Consultant within the Regional Engagement Team at the NCCTRC.  Beth has worked in Intensive Care both in the UK and Australia.  She has been a Critical Care Educator since 2012.  Beth has worked with colleagues throughout the Pacific in collaboration with Pacific Communities (SPC) providing remote and face to face assistance particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.