Q & A

frequently asked questions

  1. How long will I stay here?
    The period of quarantine is 14 days from the last exposure
    If you are a close contact of a COVID positive case your quarantine starts again.
    That means another 14 days of quarantine for YOU
  2. How do I get my meals?
    All meals will be delivered and placed on your veranda outside your door. A local caterer prepares meals.
    Australians repatriated to Howard Springs from overseas will be provided with three meals a day. We can accommodate dietary requirements based on clinical needs including allergies.  These include gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, lactose free. We can accommodate halal on request.
    We cannot accommodate those who wish to cook their own meals or require kosher meals.
  3. My television is not working what do I do?
    The signal drops out occasionally during storm activity.
    Please wait and try to reset the channels.
    If this does not work, please call the 24-hour CONCIERGE SITE RECEPTION.
  4. Hot water is not working what do I do?
    Run the hot water tap for 5 minutes. If not successful, call the 24-hour CONCIERGE SITE RECEPTION.
  5. My door lock isn’t working or I locked myself out.
    Call the 24 hour CONCIERGE SITE RECEPTION and someone will come to assist you.
  6. I have medical needs, where do I go?
    Please contact the medical emergency on 0427 051 089
  7. In an EMERGENCY, call the 24-hour EMERGENCY medical HELP line.
    If you will run out of your usual medications prior to departure these can be organised via the clinic.
  8. My WIFI is not working, who do I call?
    This may also drop out during storm activity. Please wait for storm to pass.
    If still not working, call 24-hour  CONCIERGE SITE RECEPTION.
  9. Are we getting a medical clearance prior to departure?
    On completion of your 14 days quarantine, you will be issued with a clearance certificate.
  10. Why am I not allowed to go to the activities/recreation areas when I want to?
    We are keeping accommodation blocks as separate as possible to help facilitate a successful quarantine period.
  11. How will I be getting my information updates?
    Everyone’s mobile phone number will be added to a group SMS system.
    Regular information will be provided through this.
  12. How do I request essential items?
    Fill in the order form and place in the box located centrally.
    This will be collected before 11am daily and delivered to your room when available.
  13. How am I going to get home?
    Travel forms will be distributed midway through your stay.
    Travel arrangements will be arranged for the end of your quarantine.
  14. Can I drink alcohol?
    The Howard Springs site is an alcohol-free area.
  15. Can I smoke?
    Nicotine replacement will be offered to smokers. There are also cigarette vending machines located near your block.
    Smoking is not permitted inside your room.  Please refrain from smoking near other residents.
  16. Will there be any contact with the current residents already in quarantine?
    Australians repatriated from overseas and under the care of AUSMAT are separate from the quarantine arrangements run by the Northern Territory Government onsite.
  17. Is the tap water safe?
    The tap water is safe to drink and has been tested prior to your arrival.
  18. What do I do with My Rubbish?
  • Place all general waste and food waste into red bin
  • Masks / sanitary items / nappies into yellow bin
  • Anything else with bodily fluids goes into yellow bin