The Toolbox Hub is an initiative to assist teams progressing through classification with a practical digital resource designed to help you meet and exceed the WHO Minimum Standards.

We have incorporated key elements from the WHO EMT BLUE BOOK, which defines the minimum standards all teams should reach to ensure patient quality of care is provided during emergencies.

Please find the full detail of EMT minimum standards at WHO EMT Secretariat. (2021). WHO EMT The Blue Book 2021 (2nd ed.). WHO Geneva.

The toolbox reflects years of dedicated effort, with AUSMAT's classification evolving from 2010 to 2023, showcasing our ongoing commitment to developing and refining our capabilities. AUSMAT was WHO classified as a type 2 capability in 2015 and reclassified in 2023. We have a Type 2, Type 1, Type 1 Mobile and Specialist Cell capability.

We are eager to share the insights we've gained to inform and support other teams in their development journey.

This toolbox provides essential tools and resources tailored for emergency medical teams, ensuring your team is well-prepared and compliant with international guidelines, it remains a work in progress with regular updates and additions as we either document or develop them. Please check back regularly or send us an email if you would l like to see something we have missed. We ask respectfully that if you use any of the content in your development you will credit AUSMAT accordingly.

We are hopeful that other classified teams across the globe will join us and share their capability to support the future development of both International and National Teams globally, please reach out if you would like to showcase your capability for other teams to witness.